Hi. I’m David. I’m a security geek. Mostly. Well, that’s my job, anyway. In real life, I like to program, goof around with network stuff, hunt for geocaches, watch movies, and other typical geek-like activities. Though I also have three kids, so really what I like most is making them laugh. Which is good, ’cause that’s about all I have time for. 🙂

I started this blog because I do periodically have geeky ideas and ramblings that I’d like to share with others, and because my main personal site is so out-of-date that I have trouble even admitting it exists. (see aforementioned lack of time).

I hope you find the things I have to say useful, or at least, entertaining. Feel free to throw virtual Shmooballs at me on Twitter (@schuetzdj), but be warned, I have access to a pretty strong rebuttal mechanism! If you’d like to talk in more than single-sentence fragments, my email is david (at) dasnet (dot) org.

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